HANMI serves as the principal advocate of the hotel industry in the Northern Mariana Islands, promoting its interests through civic representation, education efforts, community partnerships, and increased marketing presence.  HANMI works hand in hand with the Marianas Visitors Authority and the local and federal governments to promote the Northern Mariana Islands as a premier destination for tourists and as a favored site for military R&R.

 The Association sets exacting standards that are met by all its members. We pledge to make available to all visitors room accommodations without prejudice of race, age, religion, gender, political affiliation, marital status, physical or mental limitations, or place of origin.

For more information about becoming a member of HANMI, view our Articles of Association or contact us directly.

2015 Officers & Board of Directors:


Ms. Gloria Cavanagh
Mariana Resort & Spa
P.O. Box 500527
Saipan, MP  96950
Ph 1.670.322.0770
Fax 1.670.322.2241
Contact Ms. Gloria Cavanagh


Nick Nishikawa
Hyatt Regency Saipan
P.O. Box 5087
Saipan, MP  96950
Ph 1.670.234.1234
Fax 1.670.234.7745
Contact Nick Nishikawa


Hiroki Sugie
Aqua Resort Club
P.O. Box 500009
Saipan, MP  96950
Ph 1.670.322-1234
Fax 1.670.322.1220
Contact Hiroki Sugie


Michael Johnson
Deloitte & Touche LLC
P.O. Box 500308
Saipan, MP  96950
Ph 1.670.322.7337
Fax 1.670.322.7340
Contact Michael Johnson


Mr. Ivan Quichocho
Director - Century Hotel
P.O. Box 1280
Saipan, MP  96950
Ph 1.670.233.8080
Fax 1.670.233.4716
Contact Ivan Quichocho

Mr. Abner Acosta
Director - Fiesta Resort & Spa
P.O. Box 500066
Saipan, MP  96950
Ph 1.670.234.6412
Fax 1.670.234.7049
Contact Abner Acosta